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Re: Things I use daily (tools etc.)

Post by Grovkillen » Thu Mar 16, 2023 7:29 am

Ok, so I thought I'd add a little more about my process of developing using Micro Scheduler.

When I try to automate web applications (and web pages) I use Webstorm to develop my JavaScript. The editor is very helpful in its way of guiding me in the process and I get a ton of input when I debug. I then add the clean code to Macro Scheduler.

For my Python code I use the tool PyCharm from the same company, and for the same reason as Webstorm the editor is a great source of knowledge when debugging. Same here, when I'm happy I add the code to Macro Scheduler.

I tend to lean on Chrome for my web automation, but my current employer is Microsoft heavy, and I have now started to use the Edge equivalent of ChromeDriver to stay within the realm of Microsoft.

To debug my RegEx syntax, I use RegExBuddy and the tool is essential for all the development I do. No matter if I use Macro Scheduler, JavaScript, or Python I use a lot of RegEx to parse/manipulate text and RegExBuddy is great at debugging and creating the somewhat abstract RegEx syntax.

For documentation I use MikTex to make PDF files and HTML files from a single source code. It's a bit of a steep learning curve but the reward in the end is great. I can now compile my applications using Macro Scheduler and in the same instance I get the source code copied to an archive, the application bundled, the documentation attached to the compiled version, and everyone is happy.

Besides these tools I use Postman to debug some of my REST API calls, though not heavily used it's a good starting point when learning a new API.

What I'm still trying to find is a Visual Basic editor on par with the above tools.

My life as an developer is great thanks to all these tools, but my king of the hill is always Macro Scheduler thanks to it's non-biased approach of letting other languages and applications into its realm instead of trying to be an "all inclusive" and "one to replace them all" type of tool. This makes it unique and superior everything I've encountered before.

To the team, keep up the great work!

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