Elevate compiled script exe without UAC dialog

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Elevate compiled script exe without UAC dialog

Post by Grovkillen » Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:15 pm

If you have a user account with admin rights or if you want to use the admin account you can do so and not have the UAC dialog pop-up.

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RunProgram>runas /user:%COMPUTER_NAME%\admin "%EXE_PATH%"
The above code will open the command tool as the "admin" account. The wait 1 is just used to wait for the command line terminal to show before sending the user account's password and press enter. You now got a elevated cmd.exe.

This would be used to have your script selfcheck if it's running with admin rights, if not execute self like this.

Your computers admin account is easily found by running "compmgmt.msc" from the search (Win+R). I usually rename my administrator account to "admin" and set the password to a default one.

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Re: Elevate compiled script exe without UAC dialog

Post by kpassaur » Mon Dec 06, 2021 12:40 pm

Thank you I will give it a go

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