FTPGetDirList Limit to files returned?

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FTPGetDirList Limit to files returned?

Post by bbrink » Tue Sep 01, 2020 6:50 pm


I know FTP servers have limits as far as how many files they will show when browsed via ftp client and I imagine they have some kind of setting for how many file names they will return during FTPGetDirList. (maybe smae thing?)

Has anyone bumped into a hard limit for FTPGetDirList?

My FTP server has about 5,000 JPG's. When I ask for *.jpg I get 0 results, when I ask for less via *9.jpg I get several hundred, as expected.

When I browse with FTP client I can see up to 10,000 files. This coincides with the limit the hosting company advertises.

Is my file spec wrong or is there a limit to FTPGetDirList? If so, what is it so I can plan around it.

I am trying to get at the FTP logs, but that might take a day or so...



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